Dear Members of the Scottsdale City Council,

As representatives from a wide array of Arizona businesses, including associations with thousands of member companies in a variety of industries critical to the economic sustainability of this city and state, we collectively urge you to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that protects all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

As business leaders, we are committed to improving Arizona’s image and reputation on the national and international stage. Doing so is essential to ensuring a thriving future for Scottsdale and the rest of our state. An ordinance that covers all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, would go a long way toward advancing these goals.

Scottsdale’s 2015 Strategic Economic Development Plan, which you adopted in February, prioritizes growing and attracting quality firms and jobs in targeted sectors such as technology, innovation, bioscience and hospitality. Scottsdale’s economic success relies heavily upon the community’s ability to “support efforts that will enable Scottsdale’s present and future employers to cultivate, retain and attract the talent they need,” according to the plan.

Fulfilling the priorities of your economic development plan requires the city to remain competitive. Right now, Scottsdale can do much better in outpacing competitors. One-third of U.S. states and more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies already prohibit discrimination against gay and transgender people. Indeed, more than 70 percent of millennials support non-discrimination laws that cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Many young people see these protections as a litmus test when deciding where to work, live and shop. It is imperative that Scottsdale maintains and expands its ability to attract millennial talent, which will account for 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. If leadership choses not to act, or is at odds with non-discrimination ultimately the city’s economic development plan will never be poised to reach it’s potential.

Moreover, tourism is Arizona’s largest export, generating $20.9 billion in direct spending—$57 million each day—in 2014. As tourism goes, so goes Scottsdale. Scottsdale can be more inviting to tourists, further fueling the city’s economic engine, if all people, including gay and transgender individuals, are protected from discrimination.

Finally, Arizona has long been a destination for those with an entrepreneurial spirit seeking opportunity. Arizona has a proud history of valuing liberty, freedom, and hard work. Non-discrimination laws advance that history by updating the law to reflect our values. Gay and transgender people are our friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, clients and customers. When it comes to being able to earn a living, having a place to live, or being served by a business or government office, they should be treated like anyone else and not be discriminated against.

We strongly urge you to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. In doing so, you will send a strong message that Scottsdale is open for business to everyone. Your legacy will pave a more prosperous path for all of Scottsdale and Arizona.


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Scottsdale hand held cab vouchers. Discount Cab, no longer accepts the vouchers. I am very disappointed about this development. Discount Cab is the most reliable, efficient cab service available. This is because they have more cabs available. The list of cab providers sent to use, is of no use in North Scottsdale. They make excuses that all their cabs are either in Tempe or South Scottsdale. I have waited up to three (3) hours for a cab after having to call multiple cab companies. This creates a hardship, not only for me but any other handicapped person trying to use hand held vouchers in North Scottsdale. Help!!!

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Create a tunnel, so bicycles can go under the freeway and get to the college.

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Would love to see a sidewalk added on Chaparral from 68th Street to Scottsdale Road so that residents can take advantage of all of the retail and restaurants without having to use cars each time. Tried to walk from 69th Place to the Roaring Fork on Chaparral at night and it is was not safe because cars don't expect pedestrians to be in the street- even if on the side there.

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As it now stands bulk trash and brush pickup is "sometime" during a particular week each month. Further, the instructions allow putting bulk waste out for up to 9 days BEFORE your designated week. That means that our neighborhoods can be (and are) littered with mattresses, furniture, crates and all manner of bulk waste OVER HALF THE TIME. (9 days before plus 5 of your week is 14 days of EACH month!) Please find a way to narrow this window to a more reasonable 3-4 days if not a specific day for pick up of such eyesores.

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North Lake would be an excellent place to kayak. The ramada there is named "Boat Dock Ramada."

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The new "Impulsion" sculpture is great. The light on the stainless steel is spectacular at sunset. The McDowell Mountains behind me are obscured by high voltage lines. The tent on the left is temporary for events in the month of January so that is understandable. To put such a wonderful sculpture in Scottsdale and yet have light poles ruin any vantage point for a photographic opportunity is sad.

I hope the city will see this picture and realize that this sculpture could be a landmark for Scottsdale if they make this shot photogenic.

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There are some islands in cul-de-sacs that do not allow for large trucks to make their turn without having to back up. Examples: sanitation trucks, UPS, large delivery trucks, trucks with trailers attached etc. A two year old boy was backed over by a sanitation truck because he was backing up and could not see the child. I live in one of those places and have been trying for 2 years to get the island removed. Must there be an accident or death before something happens?

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Please make sure you take special care to clean up and or collect EVERY SINGLE piece of fishing line...hooks...,floaters....weights.... that you use EVERY TIME YOU FISH!! Yes I am angry!! It is disgusting and horrible to see all of the pigeons and ducks maimed by LAZY..IRRESPONSIBLE.. FISHERMAN!! Some of the pigeons cant even walk because they are tied up on both feet with fishing line.. All it takes is one minute to collect and dispose of properly...Fishing at the lake IS NOT A RIGHT!! It is a PRIVILEGE.. Please respect that!!

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Please.. Please... Please... Either post a very large speed limit sign or install 3 speed bumps at the entrance of Chapparel Lake off of Chapparel Road. There are always Geese and ducks slowly crossing the road to munch on the grass on east side of lake.. right now especially there are babies in tow that take extra time to cross...

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