Create a tunnel, so bicycles can go under the freeway and get to the college.

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Would love to see a sidewalk added on Chaparral from 68th Street to Scottsdale Road so that residents can take advantage of all of the retail and restaurants without having to use cars each time. Tried to walk from 69th Place to the Roaring Fork on Chaparral at night and it is was not safe because cars don't expect pedestrians to be in the street- even if on the side there.

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There are some islands in cul-de-sacs that do not allow for large trucks to make their turn without having to back up. Examples: sanitation trucks, UPS, large delivery trucks, trucks with trailers attached etc. A two year old boy was backed over by a sanitation truck because he was backing up and could not see the child. I live in one of those places and have been trying for 2 years to get the island removed. Must there be an accident or death before something happens?

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Jim Martinec over 4 years ago

You people really have a fascination with these circles you call roundabouts. You dont just take an intersection & turn it into a circle and call it a traffic improvement. You are totally misguided on the Hayden/Northsight fiasco thinking it will solve the Hayden/FLW problem. That is such an ineffective basic design with no foresight to future traffic volumes. Now you are talking about putting "play circles" throught this crazy Raintree idea. I didnt know we had legalized hallucinigenic drugs in our city that the planning people seem to be on as a steady diet

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Traffic signal change recommended at Raintree on 92nd Street. A left turn arrow for those wanting to head West on Raintree into the airpark or get to 101 access from 92nd street heading north. There is so much traffic in southbound 92nd that it is risky and people rush to get through before light changes. This is dangerous.

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I am a daily user of facebook. The City's facebook access is impossible and very discouraging for citizens to post ideas. It takes too long to get to a comment page and the access itself is far too complicated. I would hope that this is not intentional.

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When driving east on Camelback the welcome sign into Scottsdale is blocked by a huge pipe and can be barely seen unless your looking for it. Many of the main streets have better signage than the one now be represented.  The signage should be representative of the great city Scottsdale is.  A joint venture even with Phoenix in designing a overhead sign with Scottsdale on one side and Phoenix on the other.  I believe it is important to provide a great first impression when entering a city.

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