There are some islands in cul-de-sacs that do not allow for large trucks to make their turn without having to back up. Examples: sanitation trucks, UPS, large delivery trucks, trucks with trailers attached etc. A two year old boy was backed over by a sanitation truck because he was backing up and could not see the child. I live in one of those places and have been trying for 2 years to get the island removed. Must there be an accident or death before something happens?

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Google is considering Scottsdale as one of several possible new locations for their Google Fiber internet access service.

We should support this proposal in any and all ways possible to provide true competition in the consumer ISP market. Affordable high-speed internet access is crucial to start up and established small businesses as well as to education both in school and at home. Internet service of this nature would attract new residents and business to Scottsdale.

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Matt Metz, Citizen over 4 years ago

Scottsdale is unique only because of its rural and suburban lifestyle, look, and feel. "Keeping up with the Joneses" (in this case, keeping up with Phoenix) by continuing to approve and build taller buildings with increased living and traffic density will destroy our special character.

Like many others, I chose to live in Scottsdale BECAUSE of its rural and suburban feel. Even if the dubious argument (that increased height and development is necessary for our economic growth) is true, most of us would rather pay slightly higher property taxes to preserve our views and quality of life.

If people want to live and work in high-rise buildings that block our views and make our roads claustrophobic and crowded, they should move to Phoenix. If instead, people want a better qualify of life, we should make Scottsdale that viable choice.

Our General Plan (and our City Council members) should fight AGAINST increasing height and density in the city, instead of welcoming every developer by allowing them variances for taller buildings.

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