• Please make sure you take special care to clean up and or collect EVERY SINGLE piece of fishing line...hooks...,floaters....weights.... that you use EVERY TIME YOU FISH!! Yes I am angry!! It is disgusting and horrible to see all of the pigeons and ducks maimed by LAZY..IRRESPONSIBLE.. FISHERMAN!! Some of the pigeons cant even walk because they are tied up on both feet with fishing line.. All it takes is one minute to collect and dispose of properly...Fishing at the lake IS NOT A RIGHT!! It is a PRIVILEGE.. Please respect that!!

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  • Please.. Please... Please... Either post a very large speed limit sign or install 3 speed bumps at the entrance of Chapparel Lake off of Chapparel Road. There are always Geese and ducks slowly crossing the road to munch on the grass on east side of lake.. right now especially there are babies in tow that take extra time to cross...

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