Scottsdale hand held cab vouchers. Discount Cab, no longer accepts the vouchers. I am very disappointed about this development. Discount Cab is the most reliable, efficient cab service available. This is because they have more cabs available. The list of cab providers sent to use, is of no use in North Scottsdale. They make excuses that all their cabs are either in Tempe or South Scottsdale. I have waited up to three (3) hours for a cab after having to call multiple cab companies. This creates a hardship, not only for me but any other handicapped person trying to use hand held vouchers in North Scottsdale. Help!!!

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Would love to see a sidewalk added on Chaparral from 68th Street to Scottsdale Road so that residents can take advantage of all of the retail and restaurants without having to use cars each time. Tried to walk from 69th Place to the Roaring Fork on Chaparral at night and it is was not safe because cars don't expect pedestrians to be in the street- even if on the side there.

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The light rail could connect from the public transit center near ASU main campus and travel north up Rural Road through Scottdale Road. This would be an effective way to sustain valley tourism as well as give the local community an easy and inexpensive way to travel.

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Now that the Green Belt has been extended along Hayden and under Chaparral Road, speed bumps are needed for those ingressing and egressing the safeway shopping plaza. Someone is going to get killed, because people fly through there not seeing the bicyclists, pedestrians, etc... Slow the  traffic down! Please.

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