Create a tunnel, so bicycles can go under the freeway and get to the college.

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Jim Martinec over 4 years ago

You people really have a fascination with these circles you call roundabouts. You dont just take an intersection & turn it into a circle and call it a traffic improvement. You are totally misguided on the Hayden/Northsight fiasco thinking it will solve the Hayden/FLW problem. That is such an ineffective basic design with no foresight to future traffic volumes. Now you are talking about putting "play circles" throught this crazy Raintree idea. I didnt know we had legalized hallucinigenic drugs in our city that the planning people seem to be on as a steady diet

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Right turn lanes badly needed.

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Traffic signal change recommended at Raintree on 92nd Street. A left turn arrow for those wanting to head West on Raintree into the airpark or get to 101 access from 92nd street heading north. There is so much traffic in southbound 92nd that it is risky and people rush to get through before light changes. This is dangerous.

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Currently, there are no visible (?) sidewalks North of Pinnacle Peak road on either the east or west side of Scottsdale Rd. I often see people riding their bikes or walking in the road and cars in this area generally go 50-60 MPH. In an area of higher than average tax revenues we can afford curb and gutter similar to what was done on Pima Road. There is very beautiful nature up in this area and unfortunately our transportation system in the far North does not make it easy to "go for a walk" in the neighborhood. The desert scenes are beautiful but not transit-oriented and one needs a car to safely get 1 mile. The housing developments along Scottsdale Road should have paid in to have the curb and gutter finished properly at some point. When the road floods after a long rain, the street looks muddy and messy. We have to balance keeping the desert preservation area with legitimate need for sidewalks and curb/gutter. Dynamite Blvd is in a similar state, sees a high number of traffic most days, and needs to be widened and curbed/guttered/sidewalked properly based on what was said in the city's last general plan. How do we make sure we have the funds to "execute" the general plan?

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When driving east on Camelback the welcome sign into Scottsdale is blocked by a huge pipe and can be barely seen unless your looking for it. Many of the main streets have better signage than the one now be represented.  The signage should be representative of the great city Scottsdale is.  A joint venture even with Phoenix in designing a overhead sign with Scottsdale on one side and Phoenix on the other.  I believe it is important to provide a great first impression when entering a city.

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Ray Tiedje over 5 years ago

There is a very dangerous 45 degree exit intersection which handles over a million vehicles each year and is an unacceptable traffic engineering plan that can be economically corrected/eliminated with a round-a-bout to be located a few hundred yards east of that intersection.  It would improve safety, enhance traffic flow, and automatically reduce speeds of over 60MPH on Indian Bend.  McCormick Railroad Park would benefit as well with the reduced speeds on behalf of the many families and children attempting to cross Indian Bend in high speed traffic.  

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John Blank over 5 years ago

I think it would be a good idea if the improvments made to Indian school rds between Hayden and Pima Rd were completed before Thomas Rd starts. Everyday while walking my pet in my neighborhood I see the same spraypaint markings identifing issues unfinished from that project a few years ago. Broken sidewalks and asphalt stamping on some sreet entrances and some aren't. Please finish Indian school before Thomas Rd begins.

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Instead of yet another traffic light.  It could have a cafe so shoppers could take a break and watch traffic roll by on Scottsdale Road.  This would ease traffic congestion in an area with no shortage of cars.  At least move the signs up to remind drivers that flashing red means stop, then go.  Every time I'm caught at this light everyone sits there waiting for the lights to shut off completely even when there are no pedestrians.

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Cindy Brower over 5 years ago

Hayden Road south of Indian School Road is blighted in places and in need of a character to reflect the older housing in the area.  The area north and south of Oak and especially at Monte Vista are an embarrassment to the city. The decline deters business from investing in the area and people from investing in the homes.  A few years ago SRP updated the substation and it made a big difference.  It seems that the churches in the area have the biggest problems with blight.  Can the city bring the landscape up to code in the areas that are paved to the sidewalk?  What about sound walls for the neighborhoods along Hayden Road that of course would help with noise but also be a cohesive  element to the redevelopment.  Hayden Road was widened a few years ago from 2 lanes each way to 3 lanes.  This has brought more noise into the area.  It would be a great uplift for South Scottsdale to have Hayden  Road updated.

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