North Lake would be an excellent place to kayak. The ramada there is named "Boat Dock Ramada."

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Please make sure you take special care to clean up and or collect EVERY SINGLE piece of fishing line...hooks...,floaters....weights.... that you use EVERY TIME YOU FISH!! Yes I am angry!! It is disgusting and horrible to see all of the pigeons and ducks maimed by LAZY..IRRESPONSIBLE.. FISHERMAN!! Some of the pigeons cant even walk because they are tied up on both feet with fishing line.. All it takes is one minute to collect and dispose of properly...Fishing at the lake IS NOT A RIGHT!! It is a PRIVILEGE.. Please respect that!!

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Please.. Please... Please... Either post a very large speed limit sign or install 3 speed bumps at the entrance of Chapparel Lake off of Chapparel Road. There are always Geese and ducks slowly crossing the road to munch on the grass on east side of lake.. right now especially there are babies in tow that take extra time to cross...

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Ponds, marshes, trees, and an education center (museum), where people can learn, and the birds that are more typical of our environment and of the West in general are free to find refuge in this wonderful multi-acre, man-and-nature-made protected environment. I do not have a location in mind, but north Scottsdale is probably the most logical area. This could be a rallying point for the city to bring this to fruition. This would be a great tourist draw as well. We need to move past shopping, resorts and restaurants in this town to remain a place of choice.

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A rose garden for all generations to come. A tourist draw, a meeting place, a learning center. Roses do very well in our heated climate. Possible location would be the Green Belt park just south of Chaparral Park (the old golf course). That is a beautiful central location, close to downtown, but yet, as a park, it is a bit underwhelming. Much of the infrastructure is in place. Add pathways, gazebos, sitting benches, elevated terraces, and lush rose gardens. It could also serve as a draw for weddings, educational school outings etc...yet, maintain its Green Belt link.

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This being Arizona's 100th Anniversary it would be a way of Scottsdale to celebrate through a public sculpture to honor the past and leave a rememberance into the future.  Scottsdale has been a leader and a example for many communities in Arizona and in the world for embracing the arts. Not sure maybe this is already in the works but would volunteer in anyway to make this a reality.  As an added note the sculpture could have a time capsule to be opened on Arizona's 200th anniversary.

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