Pickleball is the fastest growing participation sport in Arizona.  Virtually every sizeable city in the Valley, except Scottsdale, has public courts.  Fountain Hills has 6 courts (3 of which are lighted) and over 150 members of their public “club”.

While the game is played by all ages, it’s particularly attractive to the over 50 set --- perfectly matching Scottsdale’s demographics.  And would be an attractive addition to what’s offered to visitors.

One tennis court can be easily converted into four Pickleball courts, allowing 16 doubles players to play at any one time.  A modest court fee would pay for the conversion in short order.

The USA Pickleball Association will provide schematics and instructions for the conversion, and several sporting goods stores sell balls and racquets.

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Scottsdale is a relatively small but loyal community.  When jobs are posted with the city, hiring preference should be given to qualified residents, who will then turn around and spend the money they earn in the City of Scottsdale.  I was commuting to downtown Phoenix for a while, but would much rather work in my own city.  I am super-experienced in my field, but was not even interviewed for an entry-level position in same.  I would have spent every dime of my paycheck in Scottsdale.

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Coffee shops are OK for some things, but Scottsdale could use places for more-focused co-working for Web, mobile, and desktop software developers and designers.   The meeting rooms of public libraires should be made availale on an on-going basis for tech co-working, with possibly time in the evening for presentations on technical topics.

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Instead of yet another traffic light.  It could have a cafe so shoppers could take a break and watch traffic roll by on Scottsdale Road.  This would ease traffic congestion in an area with no shortage of cars.  At least move the signs up to remind drivers that flashing red means stop, then go.  Every time I'm caught at this light everyone sits there waiting for the lights to shut off completely even when there are no pedestrians.

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Cindy Brower over 5 years ago

Hayden Road south of Indian School Road is blighted in places and in need of a character to reflect the older housing in the area.  The area north and south of Oak and especially at Monte Vista are an embarrassment to the city. The decline deters business from investing in the area and people from investing in the homes.  A few years ago SRP updated the substation and it made a big difference.  It seems that the churches in the area have the biggest problems with blight.  Can the city bring the landscape up to code in the areas that are paved to the sidewalk?  What about sound walls for the neighborhoods along Hayden Road that of course would help with noise but also be a cohesive  element to the redevelopment.  Hayden Road was widened a few years ago from 2 lanes each way to 3 lanes.  This has brought more noise into the area.  It would be a great uplift for South Scottsdale to have Hayden  Road updated.

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This being Arizona's 100th Anniversary it would be a way of Scottsdale to celebrate through a public sculpture to honor the past and leave a rememberance into the future.  Scottsdale has been a leader and a example for many communities in Arizona and in the world for embracing the arts. Not sure maybe this is already in the works but would volunteer in anyway to make this a reality.  As an added note the sculpture could have a time capsule to be opened on Arizona's 200th anniversary.

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Revive South Scottsdale!

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We need more events in the community. For families to do on the weekends. Tempe has the Beach park and Mill Ave which they are constantly doing events on let's do more in Scottsdale! I will gladly help!

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Let's have weekend evening food-truck events at local libraries.  These could become a gathering place for the community, a place to interact and create connections while generating income for the city.  Portland (shown in the image) does this and the sense of community is almost palpable when people from all walks of life and different neighborhoods for once interact and get to know each other.  In addition, one might expect use of the library to increase as a side-benefit, though this would be held after the libraries are closed.

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