Please.. Please... Please... Either post a very large speed limit sign or install 3 speed bumps at the entrance of Chapparel Lake off of Chapparel Road. There are always Geese and ducks slowly crossing the road to munch on the grass on east side of lake.. right now especially there are babies in tow that take extra time to cross...

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Google is considering Scottsdale as one of several possible new locations for their Google Fiber internet access service.

We should support this proposal in any and all ways possible to provide true competition in the consumer ISP market. Affordable high-speed internet access is crucial to start up and established small businesses as well as to education both in school and at home. Internet service of this nature would attract new residents and business to Scottsdale.

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Jim Martinec over 4 years ago

You people really have a fascination with these circles you call roundabouts. You dont just take an intersection & turn it into a circle and call it a traffic improvement. You are totally misguided on the Hayden/Northsight fiasco thinking it will solve the Hayden/FLW problem. That is such an ineffective basic design with no foresight to future traffic volumes. Now you are talking about putting "play circles" throught this crazy Raintree idea. I didnt know we had legalized hallucinigenic drugs in our city that the planning people seem to be on as a steady diet

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Mrjeffery Hausauer over 4 years ago

Input the ban on smoking at bus stops in Scottsdale that other AZ cities have. Clean air and polite people bring more visitors and tourists to the city. That brings in more economic income and tax dollars. Smokers at bus stops are often impolite and refuse to step await the customary 25 feet.

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South Scottsdale has experienced wonderful growth in residential property over the last few years. Mark Taylor purchased the Los Arcos Mall land, demolished the old buildings and is now constructing their 500+ unit luxury complex. ASU's SkySong has completed buildings 1 and 2, and the residential apartments should be available for rent in 2014. On Scottsdale Rd south of McKellips, where the Burger King, One Stop Fitness and the Greek restaurant once were is now flattened so yet another apartment complex can be built. Frys On McDowell Rd has now completed their major renovation and reopened as a Frys Marketplace. Residents in South Scottsdale are overjoyed that their once tired, and people packed grocery store has larger aisles and more features. 

Yet with all these great improvements in the area there are still numerous tired store fronts and a lack of retail stores. There are no sit down restaurants or boutiques to speak of. In the next 3 years the area can anticipate to having thousands of new residents living in these new apartment complexes.

At this point South Scottsdale is positioned to become apartment city.  Something needs to be done to encourage retailers to rent/improve and set up shop along the McDowell corridor between Scottsdale Rd and Hayden Rd where the bulk of these new apartment complexes are being built. This will help to; preserve the value of single family homes in South Scottsdale, encourage aesthetic improvement of tired storefronts and create a better image for South Scottsdale. 

To encourage retailers to open in South Scottsdale (SS) the City of Scottsdale (COS) should provide the following:

  • Retail business must be open for business by February 2015 and be located on McDowell Rd between Scottsdale Rd east to Hayden Rd. 

  • Newly opened retail businesses shall receive a discounted tax rate of .07% compared to the COS 1.65% tax rate. The retail store shall charge the standard 7.95% combined tax to the customer but will benefit for the first 5 years of business and keep .95% as part of profit. 

  • The business must stay current on all taxes at all times. Any default in any tax payments shall result in the application of the standard 1.65% tax rate retroactively to the date of open. The owner would be personally liable.

  • Any serious code violations will result in the application of the full 1.65% tax to the next tax bill date, and void any future tax discounts under this program.

  • The business must apply at the COS for the special discount tax rate and be added to the public list. A review board must approve of the storefront look and decor and may have certain requirements of the retailers in order for the retailer to obtain the tax incentive. 

  • A maximum of 20 new storefronts with the incentive tax rate would be available. 

This would be an incredible incentive for upscale retail businesses to open up in South Scottsdale. Additionally, all of the residents of South Scottsdale can enjoy more retail, and an improved or maintained home value and a better neighborhood. The goal is for old abandoned storefronts to be redone and any crime that can result in the abandoned property forgone. 

This area has a wonderful location, 5 minutes to Old Town, 10 minutes to the airport, 10 minutes to Mill Ave and 20 minutes to downtown Phoenix. Thousands of Valley residents pass by this area as they use Scottsdale Rd to go North and South to work and school, and this could be a wonderful place to stop off. 

There's a huge desire to live in SS because of the location, now the COS needs to appeal to the retailers who can provide great shopping and dining to the SS of the future.

The improvements resulting from a tax incentive for retailers would have major impact, including a renovated SS which could become a great portrait of excellence for Scottsdale instead of that area we currently sweep under the rug. SS is Scottsdale too, but it is often neglected. 

Please vote for this idea so we can renew South Scottsdale and make it part of the luxury atmosphere Scottsdale is known for. 

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Matt Metz, Citizen over 4 years ago

Scottsdale is unique only because of its rural and suburban lifestyle, look, and feel. "Keeping up with the Joneses" (in this case, keeping up with Phoenix) by continuing to approve and build taller buildings with increased living and traffic density will destroy our special character.

Like many others, I chose to live in Scottsdale BECAUSE of its rural and suburban feel. Even if the dubious argument (that increased height and development is necessary for our economic growth) is true, most of us would rather pay slightly higher property taxes to preserve our views and quality of life.

If people want to live and work in high-rise buildings that block our views and make our roads claustrophobic and crowded, they should move to Phoenix. If instead, people want a better qualify of life, we should make Scottsdale that viable choice.

Our General Plan (and our City Council members) should fight AGAINST increasing height and density in the city, instead of welcoming every developer by allowing them variances for taller buildings.

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Ask yourself did your private employer give you this deal after 10 years work? Scottsdale employees "retire" under the ASRS system. This union based system pays "retirees" more in retirement than they ever made working.,,,,and you can "retire" anytime after 50. The ASRS system in Arizona is underfunded and will require non public worker tax increases. All non public safety employees should be under a Defined Contribution Plans like your 401K's.

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Right turn lanes badly needed.

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Traffic signal change recommended at Raintree on 92nd Street. A left turn arrow for those wanting to head West on Raintree into the airpark or get to 101 access from 92nd street heading north. There is so much traffic in southbound 92nd that it is risky and people rush to get through before light changes. This is dangerous.

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To create useful smartphone apps for citizens and tourists that allow people to navigate the city more easily.

Any ideas are more than welcome, and we encouage further discussion!

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