Let's have weekend evening food-truck events at local libraries.  These could become a gathering place for the community, a place to interact and create connections while generating income for the city.  Portland (shown in the image) does this and the sense of community is almost palpable when people from all walks of life and different neighborhoods for once interact and get to know each other.  In addition, one might expect use of the library to increase as a side-benefit, though this would be held after the libraries are closed.

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John Blank over 5 years ago

The City needs a ethics hotline where employees and taxpayers can report ethical concerns in city government.

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Pickleball is the fastest growing participation sport in Arizona.  Virtually every sizeable city in the Valley, except Scottsdale, has public courts.  Fountain Hills has 6 courts (3 of which are lighted) and over 150 members of their public “club”.

While the game is played by all ages, it’s particularly attractive to the over 50 set --- perfectly matching Scottsdale’s demographics.  And would be an attractive addition to what’s offered to visitors.

One tennis court can be easily converted into four Pickleball courts, allowing 16 doubles players to play at any one time.  A modest court fee would pay for the conversion in short order.

The USA Pickleball Association will provide schematics and instructions for the conversion, and several sporting goods stores sell balls and racquets.

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To create useful smartphone apps for citizens and tourists that allow people to navigate the city more easily.

Any ideas are more than welcome, and we encouage further discussion!

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Revive South Scottsdale!

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Instead of yet another traffic light.  It could have a cafe so shoppers could take a break and watch traffic roll by on Scottsdale Road.  This would ease traffic congestion in an area with no shortage of cars.  At least move the signs up to remind drivers that flashing red means stop, then go.  Every time I'm caught at this light everyone sits there waiting for the lights to shut off completely even when there are no pedestrians.

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Paul Townsend over 5 years ago

Approach the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community regarding the land that borders McKellips Road south and Hayden Road east . . . currently that piece of land is vacant and farmland.  How about Legend City 2020?  Reintroduce Valley residents to our original theme park built with 21st Century technology for ride safety and summer cooling.  Right next to the Tempe Marketplace.  Could be very large tourist destination shared with Scottsdale and Tempe . . . new hotel development on the vacant MDowell Motor Mile. New sales tax revenues from the park and new surrounding businesses . . . would create LOTS of jobs in the Valley.  Good for schools . . . perhaps we could get a loan from gaming revenue to put this on the front burner and pay it off quickly with monies from advertising.  Better than Skysong or a Coyotes arena!

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Coffee shops are OK for some things, but Scottsdale could use places for more-focused co-working for Web, mobile, and desktop software developers and designers.   The meeting rooms of public libraires should be made availale on an on-going basis for tech co-working, with possibly time in the evening for presentations on technical topics.

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Elevated Trail on McDowell Road – Bad Idea 

Building an elevated trail on or near McDowell Road is a terrible and costly idea. Using New York City’s unused elevated train tracks to create a landscaped path was a great idea because the track were already there and would have cost more to remove. The urban density of New York is twice that of Scottsdale.

I have lived here for over 30 years and urban sprawl is the reason that areas decline in use. Attempting to jumpstart and area with an elevated walkway, which is not a destination, is incomprehensible. Phoenix has been redeveloping its downtown for over 20 years with limited success. Unless there is an event at one of the large venues the streets are empty. The big department stores and grocery stores left in the 1970s and 80s and probably will never return.

People drive from place to place they do not walk like in New York. The Light Rail is nowhere near. Connecting Indian Bend Wash to a little used Papago Park would not be used as a walkway. People drive to the Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens they would not walk from McDowell Road, let alone, from Indian Bend Wash.

Finally, making comparisons with this walkway to the McDowell Mountains is not comparable. The mountains have been there for tens of thousands of years; Scottsdale chose to pay so they were not developed with homes and buildings. Trails were improved or built so people could enjoy the natural wonders of the desert. The Discovery Center in the Preserve would also be a bad idea. Transporting the desert to a concrete structure under a noisy polluted thoroughfare is beyond comprehension. Please drop this costly and pointless endeavor. 

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We are a tourist destination, so anything that offers them something to do will appeal.Select an architect that can design a destination building to house it, tie it to the zoo and the botanical gardens and wait for the hordes of sightseers. This will lead to redevelopment all along McDowell as they cater to the attendees.

It will be expensive but should pay off over the years

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