Christopher Smith almost 3 years ago

While I see nothing wrong with verifying residence for using the public dump, the requirement for online bill payers (those trying to be greenest) are required to make an in-person appearance to get a printed copy of a utilities bill. There HAS to be a better way to do this that doesn't inconvenience the public as much, and require more mileage on vehicles (dumping more CO2 into the air), and waste paper, along with the time required from city employees that I'm sure have plenty of more important things to deal with.

The inconvenience factor alone has dissuaded me from utilizing the landfill, and I'd rather just put it all out by the curb every month, and force yet another stop for the overworked collection employees.

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Currently, there are no visible (?) sidewalks North of Pinnacle Peak road on either the east or west side of Scottsdale Rd. I often see people riding their bikes or walking in the road and cars in this area generally go 50-60 MPH. In an area of higher than average tax revenues we can afford curb and gutter similar to what was done on Pima Road. There is very beautiful nature up in this area and unfortunately our transportation system in the far North does not make it easy to "go for a walk" in the neighborhood. The desert scenes are beautiful but not transit-oriented and one needs a car to safely get 1 mile. The housing developments along Scottsdale Road should have paid in to have the curb and gutter finished properly at some point. When the road floods after a long rain, the street looks muddy and messy. We have to balance keeping the desert preservation area with legitimate need for sidewalks and curb/gutter. Dynamite Blvd is in a similar state, sees a high number of traffic most days, and needs to be widened and curbed/guttered/sidewalked properly based on what was said in the city's last general plan. How do we make sure we have the funds to "execute" the general plan?

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Now that the Green Belt has been extended along Hayden and under Chaparral Road, speed bumps are needed for those ingressing and egressing the safeway shopping plaza. Someone is going to get killed, because people fly through there not seeing the bicyclists, pedestrians, etc... Slow the  traffic down! Please.

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John Blank over 5 years ago

The City needs a ethics hotline where employees and taxpayers can report ethical concerns in city government.

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Pickleball is the fastest growing participation sport in Arizona.  Virtually every sizeable city in the Valley, except Scottsdale, has public courts.  Fountain Hills has 6 courts (3 of which are lighted) and over 150 members of their public “club”.

While the game is played by all ages, it’s particularly attractive to the over 50 set --- perfectly matching Scottsdale’s demographics.  And would be an attractive addition to what’s offered to visitors.

One tennis court can be easily converted into four Pickleball courts, allowing 16 doubles players to play at any one time.  A modest court fee would pay for the conversion in short order.

The USA Pickleball Association will provide schematics and instructions for the conversion, and several sporting goods stores sell balls and racquets.

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Coffee shops are OK for some things, but Scottsdale could use places for more-focused co-working for Web, mobile, and desktop software developers and designers.   The meeting rooms of public libraires should be made availale on an on-going basis for tech co-working, with possibly time in the evening for presentations on technical topics.

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Let's have weekend evening food-truck events at local libraries.  These could become a gathering place for the community, a place to interact and create connections while generating income for the city.  Portland (shown in the image) does this and the sense of community is almost palpable when people from all walks of life and different neighborhoods for once interact and get to know each other.  In addition, one might expect use of the library to increase as a side-benefit, though this would be held after the libraries are closed.

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