Currently, there are no visible (?) sidewalks North of Pinnacle Peak road on either the east or west side of Scottsdale Rd. I often see people riding their bikes or walking in the road and cars in this area generally go 50-60 MPH. In an area of higher than average tax revenues we can afford curb and gutter similar to what was done on Pima Road. There is very beautiful nature up in this area and unfortunately our transportation system in the far North does not make it easy to "go for a walk" in the neighborhood. The desert scenes are beautiful but not transit-oriented and one needs a car to safely get 1 mile. The housing developments along Scottsdale Road should have paid in to have the curb and gutter finished properly at some point. When the road floods after a long rain, the street looks muddy and messy. We have to balance keeping the desert preservation area with legitimate need for sidewalks and curb/gutter. Dynamite Blvd is in a similar state, sees a high number of traffic most days, and needs to be widened and curbed/guttered/sidewalked properly based on what was said in the city's last general plan. How do we make sure we have the funds to "execute" the general plan?

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Kelly Corsette City Staff, Communications & Public Affairs Director admin about 5 years ago

Thank you for your post, Zachary. We recognize this issue. The Transportation Master Plan Implementation Program approved by City Council on Jan. 13, 2009 contains several proposed projects to improve Scottsdale Road in this area and include drainage structures, landscaped medians, sidewalks, trails, and paths.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has left these projects unfunded in the city’s 5-year capital improvement plan.  We hope to fund these projects in the future as revenue streams for capital transportation projects allow.

You can review the implementation plan at the link below - look specifically for projects #15 (Pinnacle Peak to Happy Valley: RTP FY2015), #25 (Happy Valley to Dynamite: RTP FY2017), and #28 (Dynamite to Carefree Hwy: RTP 2018).

Transportation Master Plan Implementation

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