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The City of Scottsdale maintains a database of future capital improvement projects (CIP).  These projects are either funded through the CIP portion of the city budget or by a bond election. 

Please review the list of future projects and let us know if you believe any of them should be included in the proposed 2013 Bond Package.  Your recommendations will be presented to the 2013 Bond Task Force. 

For additional information on the 2013 Bond Task Force, or the upcoming meeting schedule, please visit our website.

    I am sure you are aware Mayor Lane has already issued an RFP/Q for the DDC with a statement that $50 Million will be added to the 2013 Bond Issue and another $30+ million from "private" investors?

    Why should anyone believe you folks are being honest with Scottsdale citizens or have any integrity?  

    Let me know immediately if you take offense to what Mayor Lane has done.  If you do not contact me then we know you cannot be trusted and your taks force is a sham.

    Michael Mayer (480) 368-1595. 

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