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Scottsdale is designing multiuse path improvements to the Arizona Canal between Chaparral Road and Indian Bend Multiuse Path and is taking a closer look at options for placing the multiuse path on either side of the canal bank. The project will include landscaping, site furnishings, connections to adjacent neighborhoods, pedestrian bridges and public art.

View the most recent public presentation here (PDF/8mb), and give us your thoughts and ideas below.

For a project overview visit

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Attachment: Document - Arizona Canal Path Project Overview - Oct. 29, 2013

    I believe the plan for access to the canal through the Silverado golf course parking lot is poor. It requires the removal of lights and mature trees currently in the parking lot. It requires those going from Indian Bend to the canal path to cross a street just prior to the clubhouse, which all golf traffic must use. It is also the main reason the expensive Siverado bridge is needed over the wash. All canal users who cross this bridge will find themselves in the “overflow parking” area, where they may have to deal with motor vehicles.

    I believe a better solution would be to provide access from Indian Bend Road via the Indian Bend wash, just below the 18th tee of the golf course. Yes, a protective wall would be required to protect users from errant golf shots, but this would be much less expensive than reconfiguring the clubhouse parking lot and building the Silverado bridge at the currently proposed access point. The 18th hole is a short par 3 with an elevated tee, which means most shots will be very high and no where close to a path below.) I believe users would also be safer gaining access near the 18th tee than by crossing the clubhouse street, the regular parking lot, and the overflow parking lot.

    This less expensive solution might also provide enough savings to extend the concrete path along the canal from Lincoln northward instead of diverting canal users to the existing asphalt path. This has its own advantages. First, it eliminates the other reason for the Siverado bridge. Second, users are more likely to stay on the path if it is concrete and continues along the canal. I suspect many would continue on the dirt along the canal rather than make two 90 degree turns to get on an asphalt path that is in poor condition. Third, it would be safer because those using the asphalt path as well as users arriving from Indian Bend would not need to go through the overflow parking area. Fourth, the people who live in the 7600 Lincoln community would be happy not to have canal users directly on the other side of the wall from their homes.

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    I was unable to attend the May 20th meeting and can only rely on the on-line documents. The jackrabbit bridge now seems to be similar to the McDonald bridge instead of a more artful design. At least, it will be functional. No measurements are given in the on-line document. The McDonald bridge is too narrow for bikes to safely pass is opposite directions. Also, the bollards are too high (they rise to handlebar level) and too close to the bridge for safe easy bike passage. The bollards should be one foot shorter and one foot farther away from the bridge entrance. While this may let a few more illegal vehicles use the bridge (Segways and motorcycles, for example), the main concern is keeping cars and trucks off of the bridge. Thanks for your time.

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    I just wanted say that I support AZ canal improvement project. I am a Scottsdale resident and homeowner off 78th St and McDonald Dr. The improvement will make our city better and improve our home values in this area. Hopefully you get the support needed from our residents.

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    Option #2 is clearly the better choice to connect with projects planned to the north (of MacDonald Rd.) and south to the Waterfront project. Option # 2 would provide a seamless flow of pedestrian traffic without requiring users to cross the Jackrabbit bridge as Option #1 would. Option #2 also provides grater privacy for residents living along the canal. In some cases, option #1 would allow pedestrians to look down into the backyards and homes of neighboring residents because of the higher grading. Option #2 is set back from the path further, allowing more of a buffer. Safety would be enhanced with increased sight visability at the MacDonald Rd crossing in option #2. My other concerns deal with the artwork proposed. I feel elements from neighboring projects should be incorporated. Examples would be the cloth sails and metal and rock used near the dogpark at the city building on the eastern side of the Hayden - MacDonald Rd. intersection. These are earthtone colors that blend well with the desert elements. The banners being proposed in the drawings that warn pedestrians of the streets, remind me of the cheap advertising banners flying in front of so many businesses in other cities. Something more subtle is needed.

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