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Discussion: 2014 General Plan

The General Plan is the overarching policy document for the city -- it is an expression of how the community wants to grow over the next 20 years.

Arizona State Statute requires that all cities prepare a long-range General Plan, and update the plan every 10 years. The city is currently going through that update process. (The current Scottsdale General Plan was adopted in 2001 and ratified by a vote of the citizens in 2002.)

This is the community's plan, and public input and involvement is crucial in ensuring the plan reflects the community's goals and values. This discussion forum is an important part of that process - please participate, and encourage your friends and neighbors to join the discussion, too.

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During late January and early February, a group of Scottsdale citizens came together to develop a draft vision statement for the city’s 2014 General Plan. This draft vision statement is a key first step in the community’s efforts to create a general plan to guide how the city matures over the next 20 years. What do you think? What do you like about the draft vision? What would you change? Please tell us here. A Vision for the Future The community values set forth above are an integral part of this vision statement and are incorporated herein. We will be a city founded on and adhering to its community values, which leverages its rich Southwestern history, where the past is celebrated, while managing our future based on preserving those values. We will be an active, globally interconnected, and multi-generational city where residential neighborhoods and commercial districts co-exist harmoniously with each other and the environment; where a culture of wellness is promoted; where people are committed to and respect each other; and where growth is managed responsibly and with respect for nature, sustainability, well­being, character, and unique environmental assets such as our Sonoran Desert and our McDowell Sonoran Preserve. We will be a vibrant and welcoming city with a unique international reputation for natural beauty, innovation, arts and culture, economic vitality, and livability. We will continue to create a safe, attractive, vibrant and sustainable city for ourselves, our children, our visitors and future generations. We will be a city where citizens are esteemed active primary stakeholders in their city government. We will preserve, protect and enhance neighborhoods, and historically significant structures and sites, while protecting property rights. We will be a city that draws visitors from around the world because of its internationally recognized brand reflected in its physical appearance; desert vistas; amenities; world-class events; resorts; equestrian heritage; high quality of life; healthcare resources; thriving, unique and walkable downtown; and its arts, culture and recreation opportunities. We will create an innovative and sustainable city that is economically prosperous, an honest place to do business and that allows a multitude of opportunities for all citizens. We will create, grow and attract diverse, world-class businesses and entrepreneurs that leverage technology and innovation to fuel the local community and benefit the global economy. We will have a thriving, well-educated workforce; strong, safe neighborhoods; and a wide range of innovative, efficient and effective mobility options that connect to citywide and regional networks. We will be a city that promotes meaningful open spaces with new development and that respects and preserves Scottsdale’s mature neighborhoods, the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt, canal banks, neighborhood parks, and a thriving downtown. We will be one of the finest cities in which to live and a place where the Southwest and the 21st Century join hands. 

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